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The design concept for EOLA centers on EO's original roots in NYC. The sense of community and belonging is felt in EONY from the moment you enter. We designed EOLA with this core ethos in mind.

Our space is post-modern architecture with Art Deco detailing. The folded ash wood planes of the walls wrap over head to expanding ceilings. The grain of the wood rises vertically on the walls and folds in line on the ceiling. The grain of the wood on the red oak floors follows this rigid direction of the ceilings; a sophisticated moment of architecture and design.

The light wall screen between the main dining room and private bar employs cherry wood and ebony edge detailing, gridded glass and reed glass, and warm tube lights to allow a glow of amber tones. The wall turns on a deco point, into a secret door imagined as a wall that opens to private guests.

‚ÄčThe ambiance of the bar is boisterous and fun. The main room creates space for friends to gather and dine. The private room condenses the sound with acoustic treatments on the walls and ceilings; the dark tones give a feeling of intimacy.

‚ÄčThroughout the venue the direction of materials change to adhere to the strict architecture of the design. The space is designed for a sophisticated dining experience.


7953 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046